26 March 2012

Style Inspiration: Pinning and Posting

Like every other female under the age of 50, I've got a small addiction.

No, not my shoe additction.

My pinterest addiction.

As I work this #healthyme thing (and work it real good! - sorry, just had to!), I've promised myself I would by No New Clothing (shoes and accessories excepted, of course) until I'm where I want to be. So to prepare for it, I'm channeling my shopping urges into pinning.

We'll pretend it's smart shopping planning.

If you'd like to take a look at what I'm looking forward to trying on and possibly buying, go take a look! I've just rearranged my boards to put the focus where my brain (and heart) is right now, and here are my top 5:

SeasidePoolside - I started this board last summer, during my halfhearted attempt to loose weight. We were prepping to spend a month down tha shore, both vacationing and working remotely. This year, I think we're just going to vacation, so what with this new me and all, never mind the fact that my bathing suits are pre-Bean-No. 2, I've got reason to plan my down tha shore shopping. Oh, and if you want to take a look at what I lived in last year (other than weekly mani/pedi excursions with Bean No. 1 in which she picked out my colors), take a look here. It'll be different this year.

#HealthyMe - Yes, I'm a fashion blogger. And I love to eat. I've also discovered that I love to eat healthfully, and am honestly happy meat-free. While I don't think I'll maintain meat-free past Easter, I've found some pretty amazing vegan fare (among other things). Oh yeah, and it's helping me get to my feeling better goals. If you try nothing else, try the Avocado Pasta. You've probably pinned it. Now make it. You'll want to make it Every Night.

Ladylike - one of my first boards. I'm constantly inspired by things demure and pretty, though would hardly call myself a girly-girl. Here are things that have caught my eye - some of which I'm absolutely going to try on when I hit my goal weight - that usually harken to Earlier Times. And no, it's not all Kate H. Promise.

Bells on My Toes - I do have a Shoe Problem. I'm an addict, and have no problem admitting it. So this board is, well, pretty full. As it should be.

Pie in the Sky - Here lies the runway inspriation. I love that we can "follow" a talented eye like Nina Garcia, among others, and let our fantasies take us away to a place where money is no object, and the fabric will lie on us like it does on the runway models. Translation: Beautiful, Amazing, Inspiring Fashion.

So if these are my top 5, which one will sneak up from behind? Rocker Chic(k). If you follow my tweets, you know that H and I don't get out much, but when we do, it's often for a show. We just had a blast at the Rock & Roll Hotel with for-me-memory-laden The Wedding Present. Aaaaand we've got a few tickets purchased for this spring and summer already. It's an ecclectic mix, starting with Chuck Berry at the new Howard Theater (talk about an icon), then progressing to Miranda Lambert (and some others) at WMZQFest, then KISS + Motley Crue launching their 2012 tour at Jiffy Lube Live (seriously, can't we just call it what it is? Nissan).

Don't worry. If we can, we'll sneak in a little 'tallica in Atlantic City in June. And we'll try to figure out how to take The Bean to see her First Favorite Band.

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