11 December 2005

AdMo in 20 Degree Weather

Out last night for a friend's birthday drink, and woefully disappointed with the AdMo scene. The little blazer is a great piece, but please tell me how it's ok to wear that, and that alone, on a night where there's ice on the sidewalks. The snow from 3 days ago still hasn't melted, and DC-ites are stumbling and shivering down 18th Street in their adorable shrunken jackets. Without even a whimsical scarf thrown idly around their now blue necks. There are plenty of ways of layering that are still club-friendly - or - dare I suggest - don't go to a club if it's cold. Find a cozy bar and plunk your Seven-Jeansed-behind down in a chair with a pomegranate cosmo, and - I don't know - talk with your friends. But then you'd have to like them.

Never mind that they were all "in style" with the same exact thing.

Shudder. Not even a sassy shoe to be seen.

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