Who's That Girl?

Who Am I?

With my first DC Celine post in December 2005, it turns out I'm one of the pioneers of the DC fashion blogging scene. So with writing and fashion being my loves, and not my #DayJob, I'm a mistress at balancing work and play.

By day, I'm an executive for a small business, using my super powers to serve our country, but by night (after bedtime for my “Beans,” now 8 and 5), I hunt down the “it” factor. My husband, "H," and I don’t believe badass has an expiration date, so we hit concerts, shows, restaurants, and openings wherever and whenever we can (find a babysitter).

But what I really love? Fashion. And style. And writing. And finding myself as I explore those.

So Your Name's Not Celine?

Nope. It's Alison. Alison Santighian.

Rene Russo in The Thomas Crown Affair. I stayed til the end of the credits just to see what she was wearing. And I guessed right. Céline by Michael Kors. It was the first time I recognized something other than Chanel on first sight. Won't ever forget it. Soft, structured, oatmeal-colored knits - and her auburn hair. Gorgeous. (Almost so memorable that I forgot to admire Pierce.)

My first name purchase turned out to be a KORS by Michael Kors coat. 3/4-length, bare sheen. I wear it everywhere. Treat it gently. Keep wearing it even though I haven't sewn the top button back on. Nor have I opened the pockets. Just never got around to it.
So I have a little Céline by Michael Kors - or rather, a Michael Kors obsession. And it was Céline that started it all.

Photos courtesy of AllMoviePhotos.com