09 December 2005

The Cossacks Are Coming

Ok, so they're already here. The Russians have been marching across Vogue photo spreads since early summer, and now it's finally cold enough for us in the real world to catch up.

I'm so happy that luxe is back. I'm happy that I can put on some lace and fur (in discreet, tasteful amounts, of course - this is still DC, after all) and walk Wisconsin Avenue with my head held high. It doesn't hurt that I have an inside source - a Romanian mother-in-law-to-be who takes incredible care of the pieces she's gathered over the years. A handmade natural wool coat with stylized black and red embroidery. A closet full of "peasant blouses" stiched in Romania. Fur hats. These are the types of things that I'd wear no matter what was "in" - they're gorgeous.

And no one else has them.

Isn't that the key to fashion?

Next time you walk into a furrier ('cause we do that on a daily basis, I know), try on a fur hat. One of the old-lady-style Russian poofy ones. Then look at yourself in the mirror. Trust me. You'll look amazing. And you'll be warm. It's practical and decadent all at the same time. And did I mention you'll look amazing? I'm not sure what it is about the round puff of fur snuggled down over your head and around your face, but all of a sudden there's this fresh-faced glow you get. Apples on your cheeks - that afterwards glow - I swear. Put it together with your best coat and a simple pair of trim leather gloves (a lady should never be without her gloves as soon as there's a snap of cold - they're better than lotion against alligator hands), and you'll make quite the picture grabbing your after work groceries.

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