13 December 2005

Forced Flats

There was a series of interviews in one of the mags a while back - interviews with designers. One of the questions was: What one thing will you never wear, even if it's The In Thing?

Catherine Malandrino's answer: flats.

I agree completely. I'm tall, but I'm lucky that I've never been afraid or ashamed of my height. I love heels - all heights. Invented by those men who wanted to show off their calves, they do just that. Legs always look better in heels. I wear them to work, to play, to shop...I love heels. I see no reason to wear flats. Clearly Catherine and I are soulmates.

Then my walk to the metro got longer. So I relented and bought a pair of "commuting flats," so I wouldn't be one of those (shudder) tennis-shoe-wearing commuters. Ugh. But I only wore them to & from work.

Then I hurt my foot. Hyperextended all the tendons on top of my foot. Yes, all of them. At the same time. I couldn't point my foot - had to keep it at a 90-degree angle. Heels put the foot at other-than-90-degree angles. No heels. At all. For at least six weeks. Ugh.

I miss them so much, my heels. They're part of what makes me happy in my work outfits. A plain black suit looks so much better with a colored heels (I like sky blue or patent red). The holiday season - where all I'd normally have to do to get dressed is throw on black slacks, a soft black sweater, and my favorite gold goddess sandals, and I'm happy. So what does a girl do with Forced Flats? She suffers the temporary loss of her heels, of course, and then succumbs and buys a pair of black patent leather flats for the office and a pair of little gold slippers for jeans and dress. They're my favorite - they look just like the pair of Daniel Green slippers my grandmother used to have. Perfect with jeans for a long day of shopping.

Fortunately, there are tons of adorable flats all over the stores right now - it's refreshing, I suppose. But I miss my heels. Somehow, the flats, as sophisticated and lovely as they are right now, still look like little girl shoes to me.

I start physical therapy tomorrow - and my first question will be: when can I get back into my heels?

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