11 December 2005

Hot = Miniskirt and boots

"I forgot to tell you," he says, "about the girl I saw today. She was wearing a really short miniskirt and suede fur boots. It was hot."

Uh huh.

"Ugg boots?" I asked, ready to pounce on the Hot Girl for wearing something so winter 2004.

"No, not Uggs," he responded confidently. "Aren't you proud that I know what Uggs are?"

Uh huh.

"She was so hot."

The weather was not. This was, mind you, the day of the 20-degree evening in AdMo (see my earlier post - when I figure out how to link them, I'll do that, but for now, you'll just have to scroll).

So apparently she was wearing the New Ugg - those fur-topped sorta Alaskan things. But more importantly to my fashion-aware fiancé, she had paired them with a really short miniskirt. Black.

I wish I'd seen it. Something tells me it was well-executed, though poorly timed, based on the weather. I haven't decided how I feel about these new boots - part of me says - how cute - and warm! Then there's that aversion to Lemming Fashion. But the only details I could get were "really short miniskirt" and "fur boots." Not even her hair color.


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