28 December 2005

New Favorite Thing

I like having my PT appointments in Friendship Heights. Today, since my appointment wasn't until 4:30, I didn't feel like a complete slacker leaving work quite so early. And after my PT workout (tough therapist - she makes me work really hard - amazing how hard it is to balance on one foot with your eyes closed), I figure I should probably look to replace my well-loved and well-worn Reaction mary janes. A mid-height heel, I'm supposed to find.

So I figure, I could look at Barney's CoOp. They have shoes. Pretty ones. My favorites are kelly green courdoroy-style suede mary janes. Marc Jacobs just has a way. The only problem with them? Not the price - they're not so bad. The problem is that the pretty brown heels are jeeeeest a leeeeetle higher than I'm supposed to wear. Maybe when I go visit them later this week, I'll check to see if they have my size. And if they do, we'll just have to see if I can't find room in my closet for them.

So checking in at Barney's CoOp is my New Favorite Thing.

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