21 December 2005

Well Done: Peep Toes on the Metro

Morning rush hour, freezing cold (I think I can still see my breath in the station, even). I'm bundled up in KORS coat and Russian-style scarf. And gloves, of course (the second it gets anywhere near chilly, out come the gloves - in my opinion, the best defense against winter hands). One train goes by, way too full to even try and get on. I wait. Read the Express. Next train comes, I board. Watching the floor so I don't trip over anyone as I stuff myself into the train car, I spot black velvet (or a rich suede - couldn't tell) peep-toe pumps. Trimmed in silver leather (could've been scalloped), nicely paired with black tights. They were just peeking out from underneath gently striped cream and brown wide-legged, wide-cuffed Hepburn-style trousers. Well done.

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