22 December 2005

Well Done: Style in PT

One wouldn't necessarily expect high fashion in the PT office. But this morning, for the appointment I didn't mix up (thank goodness), I followed the woman in who was setting me up. She had a relaxed uptwist that just nestled at the nape of her neck, then fell to the side. I complimented her, and she was sweetly flustered - clearly she hadn't intended to do anything other than get it out of her face (isn't that when we are at our best, when we don't intend it?) And then I sat down on the table so she could wrap my foot up in heat, and I noticed her pants. She had on these athletic-style slacks. They were made of a fine, warm-up pant style fabric, but they were cut like trousers. And in a really cool slate brown. I asked her about them, and she confessed that they were her mother's, bought in Italy. Figures.

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