08 December 2005

Why is it...

...that DC guys can't seem to wear a decent outfit into the office? Business dress is the order, but why are they so proud of suits bought at Men's Warehouse, or that "the dude there just picked out all my shirts and ties for me?" One colleague started the new trend...order a whole bunch of the same socks online - that way you won't ever mix up socks in the dark. Now that's fashion sense.

I put out the call...why?! There are easy ways to look fantastic. You have accessories just like we do - and it's not "girly" to use them: shoes, socks, ties, cufflinks (I must report an increase in interesting cufflinks in our office - thank goodness). Shirts that are ironed, non-pleated pants. It's not that hard. I promise.

Now, I must say that I admire you for having to pick out a tie every day - I couldn't do it. They confuse me. But why do most of you continue to pick out poor ones - they're not awful, just blah. Isn't there better than blah?

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