07 January 2006

The days it's OK to not care what you wear

There are now 103 TV shows about "style." Change your style, update your style, improve your style, style for less. Hair style, shoe style, makeup style, workout style, work style, going out style.

Over styled?

Of course, I'm a huge proponent of it really not being that difficult to acheive...and that you can do it without the help of the TV stylists (as amusing as it might be to see the woman stuck in the 80s transformed to a hot sex kitten). I, too, rage against the Women Who Wear Sneakers With Their Suits. That's just an unfortunate part of riding the Metro in DC, I suppose.

But really, there are those days - despite what Stacy and Clinton tell us - when it's really OK to not give a crap what you're wearing. I suppose their point - and maybe mine - is that you can have a wardrobe that doesn't contain unstylish thing - like the forever declared "comfortable" sweats. But who cares? Sometimes.

When you're sick (desipite what The Express ran in Friday's Look Out section about being a sexy babe when you've got a cold)
When you're at home, sitting on your bed, writing your blog
When you're asleep
The Day You Just Can't Get It Together (those mornings when you look in your closet and it just doesn't work - nothing - so you put together an ensemble that rivals the, uh, most fashionable government worker's)
When you're working out (again, despite what The Shows say. As far as I'm concerned, if it fits, doesn't hang on to sweat like a wet dog, and my feet don't hurt, it works for the gym.)

For the most part, I wish I could look good all of the time. But I can't. And I own that. Especially on the days when I look down at my outfit and realize...it just doesn't work.


Chris said...

Hi there -- can't find your email on your site so feel free to delete this from your comments :)

Hi, my name is Chris and I found you on DC Blogs.

I just wanted to let you know that I will be holding a workshop on blogging-for-writers in February at the Writer's Center (actually held at the Arlington Arts Center).


Since you are in fact a DC blogger, I thought you might find this interesting -- not for yourself, probably, but maybe as something your friends or family might find interesting. The first one, Starting a Blog, isn't exclusively for writers but should be an excellent general introduction to blogging.

Starting a Blog

Blogs, Blogging and the Blogosphere

Blog of Your Own, A: How to Write Your World

If you are so inclined, I was hoping that you might blog about it.

Also, feel free to keep in touch. I would surely like to meet more of my fellow DC-bloggers.



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Reya Mellicker said...

No one looks good all the time. Stacy and Clinton must look terrible off screen, too. In fact, the make-up artist on that show needs a haircut, don't you think?

thinking you have to look perfect all the time is yet another reason so many people are swallowing fistsfull of anti-anxiety drugs.

Great post!