22 January 2006

Well done - shoes after my own heart

Props to my office mate...the only one who'd get the idea of the short suit...a few weeks ago she came in with the most wonderful green pumps. Round toe, sexy heel, and a color just deeper than apple (it's late, I can't think of a better color name). Each time she wears them, it makes me happy - with cuffed slacks, with grey skirt, black sweater, and patterned black tights. Just marvelous, J.

Inspired me to get out my red patent leather pumps. I wanted to wear them the other day, so pulled them out of their box on the shelf. Tried to slide them on, and I guess that my foot injury isn't quite all the way healed. (Oh yeah, and I stubbed my foot on my rolling briefcase hard enough to draw blood - naturally, the cut is right where the cut of most of my shoes hit.)

But J.'s reminding me that I have to get back in there. As cute as my 9 West pumps are, they're still black & mid-level heels. I'm jonesin' for my 4"ers.

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