05 January 2006

Wow. Did I really see that?

Yesterday. Friendship Heights. Crappy day at work. Meeting fiancé to run some errands at Mazza Gallerie. He's late - I'm waiting, lounging on the sofa in the MG lobby reading the DC Style nicely left for me by the sofa fairies (must say, that's genteel, and a little bit of luxury). I look up, and out of the Nieman Marcus entrance walks...

A cheetah print cowboy hat

A cheetah print cropped blazer

A pair of cheetah print boots (I know they were cheetah print because in what I can only assume was an attempt to mimic the runways, the possibly acid-wash jeans were tucked into the boots)

Topping it all off was a really bad dye job. That pseudo-auburn that European women are so fond of - combined - if you can imagine - with dark undertones.


I really saw that.

All on one person.

And suddenly, my crappy work problems didn't seem so bad.

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