08 February 2006

I'm so silly! I forgot about my present

OK, two minute fashion rut.

I forgot that F brought me a present from Miami! And not just Miami, but South Beach!

SoBe is the best...amazing little boutiques, tons of them waaaaaaaaaaay over the Euro-top. F, a friend, and I were there over Labor Day, and, well, let's just say I came back with three new pairs of shoes. And that wasn't all.

Back to the present.

Eeek! Little white box, red sticker, "Scorch." It's the boutique that all three of us fell in love with. Silks in fab Pucci-esque prints, higher-than-high heels, and salesguys who told me I should wear an XS. Seriously. And they were right. I love them.

So I opened the little white box and it glittered pretty green and gold. At first, I thought it was chandelier earrings.

But he's actually better than that. He's really good, that F.

It's a over-long gold chain scattered with pale green-pink crystals. Just a rope, I can do anything with it. Drape it, hang it, loop it, tie it, wear it as a belt, a necklace, a bracelet.

I have to find some way to wear it tomorrow. It's just the thing to get me outta the rut.

I'll let you know.

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