15 February 2006

J's inspired today

Black pant suit, white pinstripe. Barely red (I'd say kinda like cranberry-orange juice) crewneck sweater over gently 70s-flowered buttondown (just the collar shows). Single strand of green beads.

"Crowning" glory? Kinda caramel (guess that's the word for today) mocha suede round toe pumps with a button accent. "It was dark when I got dressed, but I went for it. Decided to treat them as a color rather than a brown." Brilliant way to look at it.

She's fairly sure our customer (let's call him The Colonel from here on out) will give her a hard time about it. He thinks red and green are only for Christmas, she says. Only in the US, I say. In other countries, like Austria, for example, purple and pink are "Christmas Colors."

"I'll pull that one out next time," she says.

I left her in the kitchen making her oatmeal and wandered down the hall with my peanut butter bread. "Good morning, Celine," The Colonel rushed by. Can't wait to hear what he says about what I'd say is an inspired outfit.

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