03 February 2006

A Special Place in Our Hearts (or War of the Gurus?)

Sleeping in last Sunday morning a little. Was awake, but not outta bed. Bal'mer Girlfriend calls me.

"Did you see the Sunday Source this morning?" she asks.

"Uh uh." I wasn't anywhere near the paper yet. I think maybe my eyes were open, but I'm not sure.

"I opened it up, and there's a big ad from Red Door announcing the arrival of 'Eyebrow Guru Azi [can't remember her last name].' We found her!"

You see (and I think I mentioned this in a long ago post), Azi was the first one. For both of us. She was the one who helped us through our first time eyebrow shaping. She plucked, our eyes teared, and we sneezed. We tried to maintain them ourselves, and then we went back to her. Then one day, she was gone. And we couldn't find her. We were sad.

Then, Bal'mer Girlfriend found someone up north, and I found Erwin. But there's always been a special place in our hearts for Azi.

And now she's back. She'll be in Erwin's old room, I guess, at Red Door. I'm torn. Do I go see her? Is that cheating?

And what will Washington do with Two Gurus?


Miss Scarlet said...

Why does tweezing cause sneezing? I thought I was the only one;)

DC Celine said...

There is an explanation - I just can't remember it. Has something to do with the nerves, I think. Anyone?