02 March 2006

Washington Hair - Pushing the Envelope?

I remember a long, long time ago, in a fashion rag far, far away, there was a piece about which hair happens in which cities. I don't remember any other styles, but Washington's favorite hair was the ponytail.

First thought: "Hey! We're not all that boring!"

Second thought: "Well, that is all I see on the Metro."

Third thought: "Hurrah! We're really smart & stylish here in D.C.!"

From Friendship Heights to U Street to the SW Waterfront to the Georgetown Waterfront, Washington Women sport the ponytail. Apparently, we're ahead of our time. Just take a look at the pages of the magazines - pony, pony, pony. All over the place. Gwyneth, Fergie, Natalie, Nicole, and even Paris. We did it first, D.C. We can be proud.

And I'm issuing a call out to Washington Women to keep pushing. Because, while the fashion world has finally caught up with the practical, pretty pony, we're starting to fall behind. The only thing out there on DC streets is the basic pony. I don't see any bangs (or if they're there, they're over curled and spritzed), nor do I see any height. Pull it back, and that's it, is what we do.

So the next time you're rolling out of bed and don't have time to do anything but the quick pony, pick it up a little higher, or side part it, or tease a tiny little bit out at the crown...it's still quick, still practical, and just a little bit better.

1 comment:

Miss Scarlet said...

Good advice! It's amazing what just a part will do for a ponytail.

I keep wanting to recut bangs but they just grew out and the thought of summer humidity with them is terrifying!