16 April 2006

Easter Bonnets and New Shoes

I'm headed to Easter service in just a little while. And I'm a little annoyed. (Yes, yes, I know it's not about me, it's about something much higher than me.) I'm not happy with my Easter dress choices.

The dress I've worn for the past few years (a springy, colorful silk sheath) is too small (yes, I know there's more self-indulgence there, but it's really getting annoying). I'd swim in it.

So the only other choice I have - I like to dress up for Easter - it's one of the few times when I get to be totally girly - is a white linen suit. Yes, it's a good choice, but again, a little too big. I looked for a new suit last year, and found nothing. Absolutely nothing. There were 103 suits out there, and this one was too old, this one to blue, this one too pink...you get the picture.

Next year, I'll find it. Maybe I'll be on the lookout all this year for the perfect Easter outfit.

And I'll be very curious about the rest of the congregation. We're not a hat-wearing bunch, but they do come out today. Bunnies and eggs, unite!


Serena said...

Please tell me you wear a hat : )

DC Celine said...

I wish I could say I did. That'll be part of next year's search. But I did buy F a "Protestant tie" last year (he's Orthodox Christian), and he wears it proudly among the yellow and green jacket-wearing gentlemen.