02 May 2006

The Other Best Fashion Accessory

One of these days, I'm going to write up a list.

Today's winner: Confidence. As in "a boost of."

Just got an early morning call "Can you come down to my office" from a friend who also happens to be the youngest VP in the company (makes the dynamics interesting). First huge assignment in the new position.

And I feel great - which, in turn, makes me stand a little straighter, strut a little more (in a dignified, feminine way, of course), and generally glow. Combine that with the gorgeous day we seem to be having here in D.C., and this just might be my fashion star day of the week - never mind the actual clothes I threw on.

I feel great.

(And the 5" black round-toe, t-strap heels I have on don't hurt, either!)


Miss Scarlet said...

5" wow...I'd be a giant in those. You are my hero.

DC Celine said...

F prefers "Amazon." Heels = confidence, too!