03 May 2006

Yes, I Wear Flats

Since my calves and tootsies have been screaming at me lately (they're just tired), I decided to wear a flats-friendly ensemble today.

Banana grey chevron-pinstripe skirt suit (longer skirt), bright pink v-neck, v-back blousy knit tank (wonderful how lovely the blousiness is when I'm 20lbs lighter). Layered necklaces.

And my black patent leather babydoll flats.

I ride to work with F, and we get in the elevator (yes, we work at the same company). He looks down.

"Your feet were hurting you?" he asks, a tad bit incredulously.


"You know, I really don't like flats."

Smile. Neither do I, I respond, and we both went on to express our appreciation for the ortho-friendly shoes.

But flats just don't do it. Still. After all this time.

Heels are it.


BabsieD said...

I agree. But all of a sudden, my Manolos look so--I'm afraid to say it--dated. I feel like the bottom of my closet is crying out for a new stock of thick heels, or platforms, or at the very least, wedges.

Miss Scarlet said...

Outfit sounds cute though:)