19 July 2006

Yes, It's Still Hot Outside - But Fall's Here!

On a quick blogging break from saving the world...

InStyle arrived in my mailbox yesterday. Some Oooohs! and some Ughs!

Ooooh! - Michael Kors camel jumper. Everything Michael does right about style.
Ugh! - other jumpers - flashbacks to my unstylish elementary & middle school self (I was such the late bloomer)

Ooooh! - bows! bows! bows!
Ugh! - Leggings. Why won't they go away?!

Ooooh! - Michelle Pfeiffer - she's just incredibly gorgeous. Fine beauty.
Ugh! - John Mayer (I don't even know if I spelled his name right). I don't get it. Boring, to me.

Back to saving the world!

1 comment:

Miss Scarlet said...

I was all about InStyle last night! I ripped out the pages that listed what would be in, haha!

You know how perplexed I am about the leggings-they DO NOT LOOK GOOD on 99% of the population, yet magazines keep insisting they do.