08 August 2006

NYC Honeymoon Report - Day 2, Part 1

Slept late

Jazz Brunch @ Grammercy 24 (H - Grammercy 24 Burger & a hand-mixed bloody mary, DC Celine - Challah French Toast, side of incredible bacon, and a mimosa). Fab trio played real jazz, not fake jazz brunch jazz

Cab to Chelsea, intending to wander art galleries

Wander streets of Chelsea, and figure out that galleries are closed on Sundays

Go to take a picture of this really cool entrance way that we assume is a gallery, and find that it's Comme des Garcons. Hesitate, hem, haw, and overcome my fear...we go in. Gor-GEOUS!

Heart still palpitating, exit. Breathe.

Next door, Balenciaga. Fall in love with a grey a-line sweater dress that's almost affordable & might even fit me. Sigh.

Heat palpitating, stoll down the street.

Little French bar. Suppose I have the card somewhere - I'll dig it out. Bottle of sparkling water, DC Celine - Campari Orange w/ a splash of soda, H - greyhound. Get a recommendation for "the best pizza ever." Start to figure out that New Yorkers are really some of the nicest people ever.

More wandering through Chelsea...stay tuned for a DC connection & tomato scents.

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