14 September 2006

Feeling Better...But a Long Way to Go

I know you're all waiting with baited breath to hear how my day's going to turn out.

The panang chicken (mmm...peanut) delivered to my cube helps.

As does the prospect of visiting Erwin today. I can't help but feel better when I see him. His energy is, quite frankly, amazing. I don't think he has a negative bone in his body. And he sees, as cheezy as it sounds, the beauty in everyone, including frumpy government contractors who are having bad fashion days.

Did I mention that I'd left my makeup and brushes in the car last night, and that the car is parked far away from our house? That would be why I'm trying a new look today: barely there and no mascara.


Dariaux said...

Is he doing your brows or are you, lucky girl, having make-up time with him? I think I'll set up some time with him in October - I could use a fresh look at my makeup. Tell me more!

DC Celine said...

Brows only tonight, but I might try and sweettalk him into a touchup, even though my only destination after my visit w/ him is the grocery store & IKEA.

Erwin does do a "makeover" sort of thing, where you bring your bag o' tricks, and he picks it apart & tells you what you should be wearing. One of these days...