28 October 2006

Style Dilemma: Halloween Fairy Tales

Dear DC Celine:

I'm baffled. Going to a Halloween party, and the theme is "Fairy Tales." I keep going back and forth - princesses of all kinds are easy, of course, but they all require long dresses. What can I be that's cool, stylish, and just a little bit sexy - and still meets the theme?

Thanks for your help,

DC Celine

Dear Me:

I'm not sure. It's a hard one. Let's hear from the Infintessimal Readership and see what they think.

Now. Stop procrastinating, and get back to work!



MotorCityGirl said...

Witches, evil queens, elves, pixies, and evil stepmothers are also part of fairy tails. Or what about a little red riding hood - naivete can be sexy.

cha said...

What about Puss in Boots? You would need a fabulous pair of high boots (over the knee is ugly to me, personally, but to each her own), a ruffly shirt, tight pants to tuck into said boots and pair of cat ears. If you want to really go crazy, a big lavish hat and sword. I think it's cheeky and a little unexpected, especially if you want to avoid the long dress and/or typically slutty costume (which, you know, there's nothing wrong with that at the right time and place!).