03 November 2006

DC Celine's Style Dilemma: Bridesmaid "Heaven"

So we won't get into how strange it still really is for my Baby Sis to be getting married next April. Baby bro tied the knot last October, and that was strange enough - but lil' sis, who's seven years younger, and I can remember when she was born - right down to my gymnastics "coach" pulling me aside at our measly little after school program (I was never any good at it, but hey! it was fun) to tell me that my mommy had gone to the hospital to have the baby, so my grandparents were going to pick me up that day. (Sorry, Sis, you are, and always will be, no matter how old you are, be my Baby Sis.)

Despite the three, count 'em three, weddings in our immediate family inside of 18 months, each has been wonderfully different. Pink ostrich plumes and Coldplay at my bro's dealio, bossanova and bubbly at ours, and now roses and Old Philly at my sis'. Bro had 3 attendants, I had one, and sis will have...6. Let's just say (affectionately, of course) that Baby Sis tried for a while to not be all "Courtney" about the planning, but I finally got her to give in and told her it was ok to have a wedding book. So she carries it around happily planning and crafting save-the-dates. Me? Though I would've loved to do them myself, we happily scribbled D.C. postcards for the save the dates and paid someone to make it look like I did it myself for our invites (still think there are some folks out there who're giving credit where really none is due).*

So. This is not all really about the Three Weddings. What it is about is my sis has asked me to lead the troop of girls down the aisle (actually, I guess I'll bring up the rear, but you get the point). She's being terribly reasonable about the garb. Jenny Yoo, any style, as long as it's her almond shantung. Which I can totally deal with in it's warm, glimmery gold.**

What I need from the Infintessimal Readership is a little guidance. It's certainly "heaven" to have total say over the style of bridesmaid dress, especially from a classic designer like Jenny. Really can't go wrong (except with her Coco - can't imagine whom that would work for).

I have it narrowed down to two choices, Alana and Josephine, both short versions. I'm putting my April walk down Baby Sis' aisle in your hands. Vote away, and whichever one wins, I'll wear. Gotta place the order by December-ish, so don't delay!

*Claudia, our invitation lady, is the most amazing thing. She was a corporate trainer for years, then raised her boys, and picked up calligraphy on the side. Now she does that to fund her and Herb's travels to storytelling conferences. She's delightful. And she did the invites for Stone Temple Pilot's drummer's wedding. Funny story about that - bride absolutely wanted white ink on the sage green envelopes. Claudia told her the post office wouldn't go for it, but bride insisted, and she did it anyway. Needless to say, they came back, and she had to pay for a whole 'nother set of hand-addressed envelopes.

**Since Blogger is misbehaving - again - I'll post the selections in a follow-on post.

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