03 November 2006

Fashion Greets Technology - On a Budget

So you can't afford to be the 21st century warrior strutting Balenciaga's spring '07 ready to wear runway.* Personally, I'm in love with the ingenuity of the feminine, futuristic chain mail. Sure, there are plenty of designers, especially the up-and-comers, that toy with contemporary obsession with All Things Technical, but in reality, much of it is plain ol' Too Much. (Though, if I had my druthers, and a cool bazillion, I would dash off to the amazing FutureCave that is Balenciaga's NYC Meatpacking District home and drop whatever cash they wanted to take from me on these leggings.)

Turn instead to your own craftiness, or, if not-craftily-inclined (Sugarplum?), that of caring friends willing to construct for you. Pal Special K tells us about a great way to make use of all of those undergraduate papers you still have (ok, I still have) in hopes that you'll - ahem - I'll - reference censorship in 18th century German literature on day. I'm not so sure of it's durability, or even of its wearability in terms of carrying comfort, but the Floppy Disk Satchel may just be the next crazy in Geek-Hip. Make one today, and start the D.C. rage. Or do it in discarded CDs, as Special K suggests, and make it sparkly. A little more modern sparkle certainly never hurt a girl. And gents, if sparkle isn't your thing, the floppy version could certainly serve you well.

*Photo courtesy of Style.com's runway coverage.


The Style Scout said...

I love the floppy disk bag! I need to know if there are any crafts (apart from coasters) that I can do with old CDs...

DC Celine said...

Style Scout, Special K suggests you can do this bag with old CDs...follow the link to his blog for instructions.