08 December 2006

Holiday Party Watch: NY takes DC

H spotted this on a friend at our company president's holiday party. (I was raising a glass to Babsie D at the time, so he was completely on his own.) Pink Tartan on sale at Saks in NYC.

The wearer is always fashionable, always stylish. The first time I met her she was wearing this amazing brocade dress - before brocade was all over Banana. This one is a smart choice for a holiday party - unexpected and savvy among the sea of sequins and reindeer.

By way of background, Pink Tartan plugs itself as a "leading choice" for models and celebrities. It's lead by a wife-husband team (she's creative, he's marketing). My take on the line? Flirty classic. Teensy bit of a twist and sense of humor. But as much at home at a country club as an LA club.

In DC, according to the website, you can find Pink Tartan at Valise & Pamela Barkley. Saks, too, probably.


NATRIBU said...

I love it!

NotCarrie said...

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