05 December 2006

Threads and Pleats

Ladies, ladies, ladies (and gentlemen, too, I suppose).

I have a request.

Please, please, please snip the little threads on your pleats. Pleats are meant to swing and give movement. They are not happy when they're sewn together and forced to behave like they're losing a one-legged-race at the family reunion. Let them free!

Full disclosure: I've done it, too. I've put on the new coat that I'm so proud of and really want to wear without remembering to snip the little thread in the kickpleat. I've clipped all but one of the pleats on a lovely skirt, making it not move as I walk, but limp as I walk.

With the tempatures dropped, the winter coats and skirts are out. I'm pleased to see lots of lovely color in coats, and women wearing them with style and aplomb. I'm happy to see the classic pleated skirt paired with funky tights and boots. We are a city of stylish working women.

And then we forget to snip the little threads.

1 comment:

Miss Scarlet said...

HAHA! I remember lots of girls leaving those in in high school. Back when Clueless-type skirts were in, haha.