07 March 2007

Betsey Johnson Takes Over the BW Region

From the Friday night showing of her spring collection to C Mart starting tomorrow, Betsey's taking over the Baltimore-Washington corridor.

If you missed the announcement in yesterday's C Mart e-newsletter, a "HUGE" (their emphasis) shipment of Betsey Johnson's spring collection is going on sale at the Baltimore store tomorrow. If you can fake an illness (the sudden cold snap brought it on!) and ensure that your boss doesn't scope out the net for C Mart sales, then claim a "family emergency" and go stock up.

I, unfortunately, will be at a meeting with many retired military men in Atlanta. I just have to decide which piece of clothing to wear to startle them. Already done the Daslu boots and the red patent leather pumps. So what's next?

If you do manage to hit the store this week and snag any good bargains, share with us - we want to bask in your glory! Especially if someone manages to snag a suit like the one at left. I'd love to see it on the streets of D.C.!

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