18 March 2007

I Did It. I Gave in to Maternity.

A long, long time ago, when I first came out about The Bean, I said I was going to try not to buy any M clothes.

Yeah, that idea didn't work. Made the first Official Maternity Purchase yesterday.

And I'm more than pleased.

Determined not to spend huge amounts of money on the M clothes that are out there, I hit Motherhood Maternity. (Isn't it amazing how lovely some of the M clothes are? I'm always walking by A Pea in the Pod and stopping in the window before I realize what store it is. It's so good to know.)

In & out, I was gonna be. With H and friend BlueSuitGirl in tow, I was determined to buy one outfit and an accessory that I'd seen on a friend - a tube top for your waist. It's designed so that you can still wear your regular pants, but don't have to do the Rubber Band Thing, and it looks just like you're wearing another cami underneath.

We ran around the store going "how cute! how cute!"

After about 8 dresses and just as many tops (I just couldn't bring myself to hit the pants yet), I walked out with one dress (top right) and two Tummy Sleeves. I would've bought another dress or two (one, bottom right), but they didn't have my size. I was thrilled, and can't wait to wear it.
The best part? $30 a dress.
My only beef with the selection was that, oddly enough, there wasn't enough room for my boobs. I know they've grown, but all of the tops I tried on were, of course, empire-style, and the bustline ran right across the middle of mine. Not attractive. Oh well. On to the next store. Just need to find another top or two (and a few camis or tanks) to wear, and I'll be set.


BabsieD said...


Kidding. Glad you finally gave in. Trust me, it will be HARD to let go of maternity (aka "Thanksgiving") pants once you fully embrace them!

Try Old Navy Maternity to fill out your staples, too. Then splurge on like 2 great pieces at PITP (their sale racks are usually pretty well stocked, too!).

DC Celine said...

I knew you'd post on this one...seriously, the dresses are adorable, and SO comfortable. Good tip on the PITP sale racks! And I have a gift card (a lovely friend gave me in anticipation of future purchases) for Old Navy. Amazing how people circle around for this Little Bean.

Miss Scarlet said...

M clothes look so comfy:)

panda head said...

oh snap that green polka dot dress is so cute/flattering/do they make ones for the Bean-less???!!

DC Celine said...

miss scarlet - they are, trust me.

panda head - you know, the great thing about M clothes now (as i've come to see) is that many are adjustable...so...isn't it adorable. might have to order it online.

MotorCityGirl said...

I was gonna tell you that you'd have to go for M clothes eventually, but I figured you'd figure it out on your own.

My only beef was that the pants never fit my 3-mile wide hips. But dresses will always work : )

DC Celine said...

MotorCityGirl - I'm a huge fan of dresses, anyway - so much more comfortable than pants...