25 March 2007

I've Turned Into My Grandmothers. And Proud of It.

On a hunt to find shoes for Greece trip (Wednesday).

DSW in Bethesda.

Flats galore. Tons of them. Tons cute, great colors, but none fit right or felt like I could walk a million miles in them.

So I headed to the wedges.

I've been ambivalent about them, but figured a) they'd be stable to walk in, and 2) if I found a pair with enough visual interest in the heel, I'd be happy.

So next to the Rocket Dog 5-inchers, I see a pair of sand colored, old skool espadrilles.* Peep toe. Cute. Then I notice the box.


When I was a shoe salesgirl in high school, I used to sell them to all the old ladies at the nursing home. My grandmothers both lived in them (and I'm sure Mom-Mom still has a few pair in her closet).

So I put them aside, and wandered on. Couldn't get over the Old Ladiness. But man, were they comfortable.

Wander, wander, wander. About 10 pairs of flats later, H finds me. MiL has struck out on her shoe search. So I take him over to see the Grasshoppers. He wrinkles his nose. She declares their Elegance. That nearly clinches it (and not to buy them).

But I keep them on, and they really are totally cute. Pushing the envelope, I'm calling it.

In the meantime, H still hasn't stopped making fun of me. Or rather, only enough to rag on me for not working on my thesis instead of posting. Yeah. Well, a girl's gotta have a break, right?

*Online stores only seem to have the black linen ones. Mine are more stone-colored.


Jamie said...

cute.... really??? I'll take your word on it since you are "in the know"! Anyway, i can't wait to hear how they work out for your Greece trip.... I'm having the same fashion woes for my trip to Egypt... except that I'm not wearing any of those cute comfy M dresses that you get too :-)

DC Celine said...

I know, hard to picture, but really...trust me...

and yes, the M dresses are perfect...debating one for my plane-wear...