08 May 2007

Style Scoop: A Bag That's More than Meets the Eye

Can't decide what to blow your tax refund on (yes, I know it's only coming in now because you waited until the very last minute to file - that's ok)? I've got it.

The Best Bag Ever.

And it's a Transformer.

Sure, that's a "guy thing," but I'll freely admit I made sure I was in front of the tube every day after school. I can't remember if it was on at 3:30 or 4 (there was Transformers, Thundercats, and Starblazers - points if you can tell me the Starblazers' heroine's name), but I was there. I also played with G.I. Joes and Star Wars characters ('cause you need Princess Lea from Starwars to add women to the G.I. Joe contingent).

But I digress. Back to Style.

The Antrobus bag flies in from Miami to D.C. tonight at the Apres Peau opening party. Tonight, it'll show up as an evening clutch. Tomorrow, when running about town, it'll be the perfect daytime bag, and then, this weekend, when jetting off to, uh, Ocean City (ok, so we don't jet to the Hamptons around here), it'll safely and stylishly carry all your accessories and cosmetics. Yup. All of them. At least for a weekend. And you can pretend you're a successful doctor who refreshingly old-fashionedly makes house calls, with its "doctor bag" look.

It's the perfect bag. Even if it does cost more than the average Hill worker's monthly salary. Start working on your rationalizations now.

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Carrie M said...

Wow...that's pretty cool. Although I'm still in complete and utter love with my Kooba Ginger recommended by Babsie.