20 June 2007

Shopping Results

Note to self: don't shop for clothes when 36 weeks pregnant. It does not yield good results. Mostly just near breakdowns.

After I got through that, I did manage to replace my miserably smelly Mia flats (oh, so cute, and served me well, but they need to be retired) with a pair of Air Bria from Cole Haan. As I said to the nice salesman who actually sat on the little stool (didn't put my shoe on for me, though), red is just another neutral. I rationalized the cost by saying I'd buy a really cheap pair of black ones to cover my bases.

And despite some honestly cute options at A Pea in the Pod, I could barely make it out of the dressing room without crying. Something about how I look like a tent in most things, and the things that are fitted won't cover my left boob. They don't carry anything larger than a large, said the very un-pregnant saleswoman. Ugh. I just can't take the clothes in my wardrobe anymore - that would be the reason I'm trying to buy new clothes with less than a month of pregnancy left.

Macy's - yes, Macy's - to the rescue. I just went in to check the shoes, and notice on the little signs that they had a maternity section. Turns out it's Mimi Maternity and Motherhood Maternity combined - literally.

I made myself feel better with quick, cheap purchases: a pair of green khakis that won't fall down all the time (like the other M pants I have) and two simple v-neck t-shirts, black and navy (slimming, right?). Or maybe it just belied my mood.

I'm going to try and cheer myself up by wearing my new ruby slippers tomorrow.


Miss Scarlet said...

Aw, that's so sad about your stylist:(

Love the ruby slippers, though.

BabsieD said...

Well? Are you wearing them today? Are they helping?

Honestly, there's NO good time to be pregnant and clothes shopping.

There's that stage when you're 10 weeks pregnant and no one knows and you just look fat and your clothes don't fit.

Then 3-4 months where you still just look kind chubby and people are afraid to ask and you can't really fit into full-on maternity.

Oh, wait--5-6 months was fun.

But then after that, well, you hit it pretty perfectly.

Hang in there, though, because I have YET to see you when you didn't look fashionably fabulous, so don't be so damn hard on yourself!!!


DC Celine said...

I am wearing them today - and they are helping, as are the pants that actually fit.

Ruby slippers with gold trim = instant cheer.