12 August 2007

Kiss of Fashion Death

"How do I look?"


Not good.

"You look like a mom," he says sheepishly.


Big panic.

Thank goodness an outfit can be transformed by a pair of shoes.

Thank goodness I have a lot of them.

Now, I was saved today by a rockin' pair of Miami-bought sandals. But I forsee days when, well, I could very well be a candidate for "Ambush Makeover" or "How Do I Look" - still wearing the comfy M clothes 'cause they're easy, stuck in jersey because it can't be hurt by milk...you get the picture. So I've promised myself if I get to that point (though H is insisting I won't - and he'll make sure I don't), I'll pick up the Red Phone and call Joyce Neave of Be That Mom. Stylist extraordinaire, Joyce saves moms from the brink of fashion disaster. Closest consultations, shopping together, shopping for you - you name it, she'll help.

Oh, and she'll help you even if you haven't taken the plunge to Mommydom.

1 comment:

Amy said...

If you're talking about Sunday, I thought you looked amazing. You were absolutely radiant! And yes, I noticed the shoes. :) xox, your SIL