22 August 2007

Must. Buy. Clothes.

Apparently I had nothing to wear before I got pregnant.

Or at least had nothing to wear on weekends. All that's in my closet that fits (hip-slung jeans cut right in icky incision place right now) are suits and work clothes. Not exactly the gear for hoofing it to the next Starbucks pushing a stroller.

So I'm debating.

BabySis is hanging with The Bean and me tomorrow, and we could a) be very responsible and run a big errand that we really need to, or b) run to Target. We can really only manage one big "event" a day with The Bean's only being 6 weeks old.


I'm pretty sure decision's been made, but...just in case...here's more rationalization you can support and tell me I'll keep my sanity if I go shopping.

When I hit Target a couple of weeks ago for baby things, I swung through the, uh, fashion. I was really, really impressed. Lots of solid, tailored basics like Ts and jeans. Fun bags. Great hats. Yes. Hats. (I snapped up a brown "straw" J Lo/Michael Kors-esqe floppy for the beach - looks fab with the stroller pushing.) The Libertine line is adorable (though doubt any of it will suit me) and sophisticated all at once. Can't wait for the next installment of Big Fashion Goes Box Store. Some favorites:

Xhilaration Charmeuse Tunic

Mossimo Black: Mini-check short sleeve swing jacket


carrie m said...

Some of the things I get the most compliments on are from Target. They're quite good, really!

Miss Scarlet said...

I like that swing jacket. Very cute.

joyous said...

Target now sells wedding dresses by Isaac Mizrahi and tuxedos online. They will be taking over the world very soon, I can feel it.

natalie@theliquidmuse.com said...

Target rocks. I've gotten lots of cheap, cute things there.

(and, I'm sure you already know that they have the most adorable baby clothes ever!!!)

Celeste said...

FYI, Alice Temperley, one of my favorite designers, is set to launch her target line in stores on Sept 16th...I CAN'T WAIT.

Target really has some great clothes.