04 September 2007

More on Perilous Fashion Blogging

I think the crux of it is really that style is an individual's to own. Who am I, really, to judge someone else's choices (OK, so I do it, but I sure as heck don't write about it - except for that zebra-print lady - wish I could find that post to remind you all, but I can't dig it up)? Yes, I read the last page of Glamour, too. And I've been known to watch What Not to Wear and How Do I Look. Yes, there are fashion "rules" society expects us to follow.

And it's ultimately our choice to follow or not to follow.

This isn't rocket science or world peace. But it is about individuality, comfort, and a little bit of "who gives a flying..." Style is, as I saw Bobbie What's-Her-Face from Fashion Police say in a commercial tonight, is not about a purse, but about an attitude.

And that's why bad choices show so rarely in these "pages." Because no matter what you're wearing, your attitude is what carries it all the way.

So Hill staffers and government workers - in their clich├ęd D.C. unfashionableness - need not fear the electronic pen. Wear those pearls with panache, and you're all good.

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Ballerina K said...

have fun at the DSS...i unfortunately cannot make it! But how i want the goodie bag!!! im sobbing immensely knowing it will probably be full of great stuff.