03 November 2007

Style Dilemma: For the Infintessimal Readership to Solve

Dear Infintessimal Readership:

On Monday I return to full time work after nearly four months at home with my Bean. I'm looking forward to working again, but am heartbroken at being separated from my baby girl for even a minute.

Not that clothes can cure what ails me, but I need your help to find a way to keep myself feeling good and give the message that yes, I'm a mommy, but I'm not mommy-tracked. What will send that message to a bunch of retired old Army colonels?

Words of wisdom welcome,

DC Celine


Miss Scarlet said...

This is a tough question for me because I am neither a mommy, nor do I work with retired Army colonels, haha.

Anonymous said...

I wore a fairly conservative outfit (I work with accounting types - a toss up as to whether they, or retired Army colonels are the more staunchy). But, snazzed it up with a pair if killer high-heeled shoes. The kind you CANNOT get away with while toting a bean. They made me feel very non-mommy-like but were within the professional boundaries. PLUS, if you're tall like me, the extra height over the men made me feel more powerful and any intimidation or concern about being mommy-tracked pretty much disappeared.


jeff said...

One word... SHOES

Good luck with today!

Celeste DeWitt Crutchfield said...

Hmmm...best accessory is a picture of your girl in your wallet. Even retired Army colonels may ask to see one...I promise!

Also, have to back up LatinaTerp...you don't wanna come across as a frumpy mom!

I just went back to work (part time) after being home with my girl for 15 months. It was hard...power to ya! Hope your first day back was a good one.