27 December 2007

Style Challenge: 2 Days, No Time, Strict Requirements

What: The Bean's Baptism

When: Saturday (today's Thursday, mind you)

What to Wear: I have nothing

What It Must Be: elegant, simple, dressy enough (grandmoms are both wearing suits, H - aka BeanDaddy - wearing a suit), and accessible for Bean. Not so worried about color, getting it dirty, etc. That happens, and that's what drycleaning's for.

What I'm Thinking: a winter white/ivory/cream suit - or even just a pair of great slacks and soft turtleneck sweater, a la Kate H. Understated.

Problem: I have Big Deadlines at work. Read: no time to even sneak out at lunch. And a way-home shopping trip is out of the question, since I go right home to be with The Bean.

So what's a gal to do? Hope? Pray for a Wardrobe Miracle? Wish she had a Fashion Fairy Godmother (aka stylist) to bring her 10 outfits to try in her cube at work? Clearly, none of the above are possible. And we're even too late for last minute shipping from online shopping.

What I'll likely do? Cross my fingers that the only nearby work option, Ann Taylor Loft, has become significantly less boxy and matronly in their cuts since I last tried things there, and hope that the cute little skirt suit with the Peter Pan collar or the A-line jacket with the 3/4 sleeves is actually flattering.

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