15 January 2008

Books and Covers

Hop in the elevator this morning, and already in there is a tall gentlman with long, brushed-back brown hair (women would kill for it, honestly). He had on a stereotypical faded denim company shirt - what company, who knows? But not exactly a fashion plate. Picture your freshman English TA - you know, the one who thought so much of himself, but really had nothing to offer - in the least?

I had a cuppa my new favorite BK Joe*, and as he turned to me and started, "Is that...?" I assumed he was going to ask about the coffee, for some reason. I was all ready to sing its praises.

"...Ralph Lauren?" he continues, nodding towards my leather jacket.

[Slight hitch as I adjust to the different conversation bent]

"Nope, it's actually Wilson's Leather. My retro-British-biker-chick-thing."

"Well, it's working for you."

[Me trying not to be astonished, but clearly flattered]

"Thank you." The elevator pauses on my floor. "Have a good day."

Who'da thunk the mid-life-crisis-used-to-be-an-English-lit-TA would know - or try to know - designers? Teach me to judge a book...

*Burger King coffee - I swear, it's the best - try it. The secret? It's a Dutch company - Douwe Egberts - I saw it through the drive through window one morning.

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artlush said...

just started reading your blog - love love love it! am now addicted. so speaking of outerwear when is a good time to tackle this problem: the folks who don't seem to notice that they need to snip the thread that holds the slit of their coat together? what could possibly have the potential of being a beautiful structured coat..why dont they know that they are supposed to cut that thread????? i want to help them..maybe throw some scissors in my pocketbook and attack when i see them..which i may add is a few a day.. help help help