31 March 2008

Online Vintage

A quick update to my interview with the DC Goodwill Fashionista. My favorite vintage boutique, Malena's, in West Chester, PA, is selling online. You can find her wares at Ruby Lane, which could easily become an addiction unto itself.

And hands off the Schiaparelli stuff - it's mine!


fashiongirl said...

fabulous shop!!! love it!!!

ms. spinach said...

While I'm here, I might as well comment here too! (I've been meaning to forever.) I've been dying to get to Malena's for *years* -- if I had to be specific, since June 2005, when she was featured in Budget Living (RIP, best magazine ever). I've still got the article in my file of Places I Must Visit! (It's not too far from my parents' house; they next time I'm hope, I'm definitely stopping by.)