26 March 2008

Style Dilemma: It's That Time Again

Time to buy new black pumps.

Depending on which style tomes you read, the black pump is a staple. Genevieve Antoine Dariaux, for example, reinforces the idea of wearing monochromatic shoes and stockings to elongate the figure: "It's always a good idea to wear beige shoes, the same shade as your stockings, with a very pale dress." She's right, absolutely, except that, as the Infintessimal Readership well knows, I'm only a proponent of "stockings" if they're actually tights, worn in the colder weather. Her concept holds, true, though, even with bare legs.

On the subject of black shoes, though, she supports the patent leather choice, as they "harmonize with the colour of every outfit." Amen, Madam Dariaux. She's silent on matte black shoes.

With that in mind, and my own style principles in hand, I'm off in search of a black pump to replace my reliable kitten-heeled Katarras (which I've had reheeled about 3 times, already - enough is enough). The requirements:
  • Black
  • Mid-height heel (so I can wear to drive without having to keep other shoes in the car)
  • No pinching, rubbing, or other types of hurtfulness
  • Preferably under $100
  • Well-made - leather, reliable brand
  • Versatile, but absolutely not boring, staid, or otherwise "old ladyish"
I started my search on zappos.com. Great selection, and if I see something I love but don't know, I can track it down in a store, try it on, and then order it online if the price is better. Their return policy is fabulous, and ridiculously easy, so no worries on the fit/return front.

I haven't yet gotten H's opinion - which is valuable. But I'm opening up to the Infintessimal Readership. Here are my choices so far. Tell me what you think, especially if you've worn or tried a pair.

Nine West Nuncio - hooray for black patent, and the pointed toe is good with trousers or skirts

Sofft Gabriela - black patent, flirty 40s platform, and Sofft is reputed to be amazingly comfortable

Bronx Shoes Flore - another 40s throwback, interesting cutouts - but I don't know the brand at all

Nine West Bradeton - more black patent, pretty peep toe


Laurie said...

I like the Soffts! I like the almond toe and the cutouts. I think they are an interesting shoe and would be very flattering with skirts and pants.

Miss Scarlet said...

I like the second pair. I like the top pair, but in my own head I imagine myself tripping bc I would. I'm sure those would be hott, too, though.

Lauren said...

If those are the Nine West pumps that I have, I say pass. I got them for a trip to Vegas, wore them out the first night and they were fantastic! But, every time I've worn them since they just get more and more uncomfortable, to the point that I tok them off on Metro one night and walked the rest of the way barefoot. Its a good looking shoe and a great height for everyday though.