19 March 2008

Style Dilemma: You Can Pick Your Own Shoes

Carebear writes:

ok so if this is bad timing given everything that is going on - you can disregard this until later. but i thought it might be a nice distraction for you. here is my dress for rachel's wedding (ours is in light pink but website doesn't really show the color well)

now, we have to get silver shoes of our chosing which i am having trouble with because all silver dressy shoes are high and i can't do much of a heel so here are my choices thus far [at right]

notice the price difference (20 vs 60) - haven't tried on the cheaper ones (tried the brand but not that exact style - might not be comfortable) - the more expensive ones are SUPER comfy. do they go with the dress ok? and what could I wear them with going forward? they just aren't the typical shoe that I would buy for this so i'm trying to figure out if they are worth it (ie since I have to buy a silver shoe, i want one that i could use again if i need it).

Carebear followed up
with one last shoe choice note...

no rush as the wedding isn't until may 31st so I have time. note - my most favorite shoes that i've ever worn are unlisted and look similar to these [bottom right] this would be my dream shoe in silver but i've searched all over and can't find it (esp like the fact that they don't buckle around the ankle - not a big fan of that AND are super comfy and can be worn with anything).
Dear Carebear:
Thanks for the distraction.* It's welcome.
Now to your dilemma. At least you get to pick your own shoes.
This is an easy one. If your budget can handle it, go for the Etienne Aigner pair. Period.
Somehow, along the way to our perceptions of elegance, we decided that Evening Shoes Must Be Strappy. While pretty painted toes in sparkly heels certainly are festive, appropriate, and can be wonderfully elegant, they're not the only answer. It's a dance to pair with a dress as solid as the one you're wearing, and strappy certainly would work with the dress, but pick the unexpected pair. A couple of reasons:
1) Your tootsies won't look like everyone else's
2) The wedge heel and peep toe are more sophisticated than the strappy heel - just think "junior prom," and you'll get what I'm talking about
3) With the peep toe, you still have an excuse get your toes done
4) Aigner shoes, in my experience, are very well made and last
5) You will wear them forever and ever and with everything**
Don't get me wrong, you certainly can wear the others - they would be a perfectly respectable choice. But that's just it. Who wants to just be respectable?
**See the next post for post-wedding styling suggestions.

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