24 April 2008

Shop in Style: First Scheduled, First Styled

What: Sangaree Spring Style Consultations (complimentary!)

When: Now – Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation Today!

Why: One-on-one service and spring styling tips, a reserved fitting room of pre-selected looks from spring designer collections, and light spring fare. For a limited time, receive a special gift upon arrival at your consultation (no purchase required).

Ummmm...a no brainer. Sangaree's lines are fabulous, like the Derecuny look at right, and their stylists have the eye to make you even more fabulous than you already are...and no commitment required, so...


ms. spinach said...

There was the most gorgeous cocktail dress from Sangaree in Politico today. {It had a big fabric star on the front -- I don't know who the designer is, but I'm sure going to find out!)

DC Celine said...

I want it! A star-bellied sneech!

Sangaree Marketing Manager said...

Ms Spinach:

The black cocktail dress you're referring to from yesterday's edition of Politico is by Derercuny. The style name is "Duchess Dress." Feel free to give us a call at (202) 333-4690 or stop in to check it out. It's a stunner!

L. Kiyana Roberson
Marketing Manager