01 May 2008

Return from the Abyss

Since back to work after The Bean's arrival, it's rare I spend much time thinking about What to Wear. More often than not, I pull whatever 1) doesn't smell, 2) is right in front of me, and 3) is the first thing I stumble across that actually "goes together." If I'm lucky, I think enough to accessorize with a scarf, but usually that's just when I haven't had a chance to wash my hair. Earrings (until this week, when The Bean decided, she, too, likes sparkly ear candy) have been the same, never coming out, diamamond studs.

So last night, for the first time in 100 years, I spent precious time rummaging through my closet in the dark (The Bean sleeps in our room, so it's lights out - reading lights come in handy) to find The Perfect Outfit for my Return from the Abyss at tonight's DC Scout Birthday Party. I've been off the DC style scene - in physical presence anyway - since The Bean's arrival, mostly because events are right at her bedtime, but tonight, H is coming home early so I can put her to bed, then scramble out the door.

Outfit's prepped (we hope), pieces of it out waiting (so I don't forget what I intended to wear - seriously! it happens), and all I have to do is put it on.

Cross your fingers it works. I haven't actually put it on all at the same time.

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Miss Scarlet said...

Ooooh! Good luck with the outfit and HAVE FUN!