09 May 2008

Style Dilemma: Jackie O Does Greek Holiday

Dariaux wrote me, after noticing the shoes in my Windy Day post, "the shoes that you are wearing with the wrap dress (yes, we've all been there on a windy day) - are they blue?"

Yup, they are, and they're a go-to pair in my wardrobe (neutrals with a pop of color on shoes, scarf, or cuff is a uniform for me). They're Joan & David Circa from a few seasons ago, bought to replace my Tiffany-blue d'orsay pumps from Nine West (yes, Nine West - I adored them, and wore them to death - one of the sexiest pairs of shoes I ever had).

"I'm still dying for a good pair of blue shoes to wear during the summer with a black sheath dress and a blue necklace," Dariaux responds. "Sigh." She has been looking for The Right Pair since last summer. I know. She wrote me then. (But then, we often exchange Style Dilemmas - we have eerily similar tastes - in style and single malts.)

Off to zappos.com I go. I'm such a faithful friend. Shoot back a note with four choices. Lots of options in towards the teal end of things, less robin's egg end of the spectrum.

"Oooh, these are some good ones," and she's tempted by the pair with the kitten heel - she's going for a more casual look...Jackie O on Ari's yacht.

Back to the drawing board...and here are the choices.

My first choice? KORS Michael Kors wedge. A little unexpected on a yacht, but if you're an "It" girl, you're not walking around the yacht, you're lounging behind your oversized shades and having drinks brought to your side.

Second choice? An aptly-named Bettye Muller sandal: the St. Tropez. (pooey on Flash sites that don't let you save pictures down...you'll just have to follow the link).

Third choice? Bronx's Fabiana. In flame. Yup, you read that correctly. With a black sheath and blue beads, a flaming red pair of shoes (or yellow, or orange, for that matter) would be gorgeous.

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Ballerina K said...

lovely picks! :) all the blue is reminding me of miranda and her cerulean blue lecture. lol.