09 September 2008

Shore Style: What Can't You Do Without?

(Yes, I admit a mild addiction to the Blogger poll gadget. So sue me.)

This time tomorrow, I'll hopefully be hurtling (ok, crawling) around the Beltway, ready to head north on 95, The Bean sleeping peacefully in the back seat.

We're goin' Down Tha Shore.

Nearly 2 weeks of surf (don't even really care if there's sun) and quiet. The occasional trip to AC for some sparkly arm-pulling (I know the odds are ridiculous bad, but I like the sparkly spinning wheels!). H and I may even talk grandma into an evening of Beansitting to hit the Borgata.

I'll be packing tonight, of course, with H throwing his stuff in the 'case tomorrow morning before we go.

So what shouldn't I forget? I will, of course, forget something. So help a gal out, and check out the Poll at left. Voting closes tomorrow, so vote quickly!

I promise I won't bring back any hermit crabs.

(Wow. Didn't even really recognize the voting trend thing - oops! I planned it that way - really! - it's primary day in DC - and I voted this morning. DC residents, did you?!)

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