17 March 2009

Shop & Give in Style: Take II

Well, I didn't make it anywhere near a store this weekend. Fate took over and knocked me on my tuckus with double ear infections and a lovely accompanying 103.8 fever. Wish I could've made it to Give & Get - anyone go? If so, share your loot!

So it's only been 2 years since I was last able to make a DSS. 2 years. I can't tell you how excited I am to just be out for the evening (yes, the smallest things get really important) and see some of the lovely women I've literally only spoken to on the phone since The Bean was maybe 3 months old and we managed a lunch.

Oh yes. Then there's the shopping.

Not that I'm one to tout illness as a weight loss technique, but an appetite of zilch does drop a few pounds. I'm not back at my complete fighting weight again, but nearly, and definitely in better shape to rapid-fire try on a few items tomorrow night.

From my last experience - when I was preggers and not really interested in buying slinky clothes (may not have even been telling people yet - can't remember), the accessories can be great steals. Not that I need another bangle, mind you, but I'm hoping for maybe a sparkly or shiny or two...or maybe a pair of shoes. With sassanovasimply soles there, pretty sure I'll be able to find something!

See you there!


K said...

oh did you get anything good?? :) i heard the lines were so long!!!!

DC Celine said...

K, I promise a post on my haul shortly. I didn't think the lines were terrible - but I did fork over the dough for the VIP ticket. Worth every penny.