26 March 2009

Style Dilemma: Static Cling!

Tights are the perfect way to stay warm in winter and transition through these wierd spring showers - no May flowers yet (sorry, just couldn't help myself). But, like conflictedthimble writes, there's that nasty static cling issue...

dear dc celine,

i have a great outfit today. black button-front shirtdress (vintage gap) over black tights with my donald pliner ankle boots. my problem? how to i get the dress to stop sticking to my tights??? nothing like feeling confident in your look to have the skirt ride up while walking around the office, not to mention the inappropriate factor!



Thimble, I hear ya. If your skirt/dress isn't lined, you have a couple of options.

1) Go even more vintage and hit Ye Olde Department Store for a slip or two. If you want to feel really old skool, go for a full slip, rather than half (which personnally make me feel about 500 years old and more unstylish than I could imagine - elastic waists will do that to a girl).

2) Dryer sheets. Yup. Carry a stash in your purse or keep them in your desk drawer. They work. You'll have to "refresh" periodically, but it'll help. (Also go a long way in keeping dust off your tv screen/computer monitor if you "dust" with one.)

Let us know what works!

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