19 June 2009

Style Dilemma Solved: Cool, Fluttery Cotton

I love it when I'm Super-Efficient Shopper Girl.
Grabbed 2 sale books at Barnes & Noble (one crappy trashy mystery, one Jacques Pepin cookbook - aDORe him), lunched on a ho-hum sandwich in the cafe, then hit The Loft. In and out in less than 1/2 hour.

The dress selection in the Clarendon store isn't fabulous, but tried on the red knit, the white shift, a white sleeveless shirtdress, and the winning black fluttery cotton number.


Red - probably needed a bigger size, but just didn't like it enough to bother. Still a good color, though.

White shift - very pretty retro conceptually, but fit just wasn't right on me. Next size would've ballooned, but this size didn't sit right (I apparently have a long torso).

Shirtdress - there's a reason I don't wear them. They're oh, so boxy on me. Would love love love to find one that works, but have yet to get there.

Black cotton - for some odd reason, there's no pic of it on the Loft website. It's cool, shapely but loose, and the black, gauzy cotton will let me sweat without showing. It might show yogurt fingers all over, but the pretty rosette detail (yes, bad PR flashbacks, I know, but it's sweet, I swear!) makes up for it. Flattering v-neck with a loose fluttery collar.

I didn't think I'd want black, and I spent a little more than I'd wanted, but while it's not the most amazing piece of clothing in my closet, I can see it being my "go to" summer number. On Sunday, with a statement necklace and Chie Mihara pumps. On Wednesday, at the simplysoles event, ankle-tie wedges or flat strappy sandals.

Oh, and I picked up a pair of fun, on sale shades, as The Bean finally tore apart (literally) my beloved $10 Target pair. $14.99 is almost as good, and the gold detail cracks me up.

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