13 July 2009

Style Dilemma Solved: Summer Stripes

I had my own Saturday Style Dilemma: what to wear to The Bean's 2nd Birthday Party! I needed:
  • Comfort

  • "Disposable" (read: who cares if it gets cake or BBQ sauce on it 'cause it washes easily)

  • Chic-ness

  • Shows up well in pics - posterity, you know
My solution: actually shaving my legs and donning a b&w striped minidress. Sleeveless cowlneck, it was cool and easy to move in. Can't really go wrong with black & white, either. Red toes, silver flat thong sandals stolen off my mother's feet (literally - I had forgotten shoes), and 3-day hair originally blown out and curled by Jae.

I felt good, and it made it easy to celebrate 2 years of The Bean.

1 comment:

CHICKDOWNTOWN.COM Stephanie said...

Very cute! I always have trouble with stripes because of my size. Isn't it crazy how much goes into a party?!